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Gamestarter is a crowdfunding platform based on blockchain technology. The focus is to raise funds for the most perspective upcoming games. Recently incubated by DAO Maker, Gamestarter was launched a month ago and there are already 3 games on the horizon that are going to be launched soon. In this series of articles, we are going to dive into each of these games. The first project on the pipeline is Dark Frontiers, so let’s get started!

The gaming world is an interesting place where a lot goes on, and over time it has gotten better with technological advancements. Every moment, game makers find new ways to make gaming more interesting and profitable for the players.

In recent times, there have been disruptions in different industries with the introduction of decentralized finance (DeFi), yield farming, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and they are causing huge excitement within the crypto community. Interestingly, some brilliant minds have discovered a way to take gaming to a whole new level by introducing a game that combines gaming with yield farming with NFTs.

The Problem

While a lot is going on within the crypto community, it is quite sad to see that over a decade after the introduction of blockchain and cryptocurrency, mass adoption has not happened to the technologies, and thus there are a few numbers of crypto users compared to the number of people that use traditional banking systems and other traditional financial solutions. One of the reasons why the mass adoption of blockchain-based solutions has been slow is due the fact that so many people out there think the technologies are too complex to understand and use, and there is also the issue of uncertainty about the use of cryptocurrency, considering that there are some regulatory irregularities about it.

In With Dark Frontiers

Dark Frontiers is a new frontier in the gaming world that makes the virtual world interesting and profitable for players, and one of the advantages of the game is that it makes it easy for people to get into the crypto world without hassles, and in a simple and enjoyable way. Furthermore, Dark Frontiers seeks to make blockchain gaming popular to make it available for mass adoption, and the game is doing a good job of that.

One of the beautiful features of the game is that it is a DAO-based virtual world where the players are responsible for the governance of the ecosystem, and thus the growth and development of the platform is dependent on the activities of the players. Another interesting aim of the gaming platform is to introduce the players to a new way of using yield farming and NFTs for profitability. Basically, it is a play to earn platform that comes with interesting possibilities, as well as a good way to get involved with the crypto world, while earning as you play.

Game Play

Dark Frontier is a VR and PC based game that brings new dimensions to gaming. It sets in motion your ability to be strategic about your decisions. A player is expected to pay attention to the game’s strategic aspects to not miss out on amazing opportunities. You can own virtual trading resources and purchase virtual lands, as parts of the resources you need to create and develop your empire. Pay attention to the economics involved in your strategies, because you do not want your empire to fall to the ground.

The interesting action-packed game puts you right there in the adrenaline-pumping action where you are expected to fight to protect your empire. There are ancient relics to be searched and discovered, and you can trade or invest items that you have. Words do not do justice to how interesting Dark Frontier is; because you need to experience the game play yourself in order to appreciate it better. There are new technologies to discover and a growing universe to explore. As you battle and claim lands, you can set markers to identify your territory, and do whatever is within your ability to ensure that your territory stays secure and protected from others.

To explore the virtual universe, you need a spaceship, and as you progress with the exploration, you may need a more powerful spaceship. One interesting part of the game play is that you can create and develop your equipment into more powerful ones. For instance, if you want a more powerful spaceship than the one you already have, you can get two NFTs burnt for that; it is a merging solution that involves the combination of NFTs for different purposes, and in the case of the game, it makes the game play more interesting. When two NFTs are merged, the former NFTs will get burnt and then new forms will be created, and invariably your spaceship’s features will get an upgrade.

Here is another interesting thing about the game; the merging results happen in a random manner, and that means that there is a different random result for each merger. Furthermore, the blueprints of the ships come with some mystery potentials that have to do with their specifications and appearance.

Just like the rule of Space exploration is finders-keepers type of rule, the same applies to the game where the player is at liberty to claim lands on different planets, but the player needs to ensure that they have enough energy to claim the lands.


There is the $GAME coin that players can use for different processes while playing the game. For instance, when the $GAME is staked or burned, the merging of NFTs to create a more powerful spaceship, can happen in a few hours, as opposed to waiting for three days. It is important to note that the $GAME token boosts in-game transactions. Furthermore, there is also the $DARK token that can be used for trading assets in-game; however, the value of the coin is only within the game, as it has no monetary value on other platforms other than the game. However, a holder of the $DARK token is at liberty to have their tokens exchanged for digital or fiat currencies on secondary exchanges.

Are you excited and cannot wait to hop on a spaceship on a quest to conquer planets, claim lands, and discover ancient relics? Dark Frontier packs so much excitement for the players; you can trade assets while you play, and that makes you earn while you play the game. Get in and have the time of your life.


The team of Dark Frontiers has announced their IDO dates and platforms. There will be 4 major launchpads that are going to hold $DARK sales. Here is the full list:

  1. DAO Maker: 1st of October 12:00 UTC
  2. Gamestarter: 6th of October
  3. Red Kite: 6th of October
  4. GameFi: first week of October

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