Gamestarter Gems — Dark Frontiers V2: Tokenomics and IDO.

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“All the prices in the following article were calculated based on the current token prices, as of 02.10.2021. Tiers/levels/tranches of each launchpad project were calculated based on a single staking model (not LP).”

The gaming world has come a long way, and overtime it has evolved with the advancements in technology. Gaming has gone beyond just being an avenue or a tool to pass time, and has become a profitable venture for many. It gets interesting when you know that there is some monetary profitability while having fun and putting your cognitive abilities to good use.

Dark Frontiers is one of those games that bring profitability to gaming, and it does that by combining gaming with blockchain, NFTs and yield farming. The game was designed and created in order to take mass adoption of blockchain and blockchain gaming to a whole new level, considering that mainstream adoption of the technology has been slow for different reasons, including perceived complexity.

Dark Frontier Tokenomics

It is worthy of note that Gamestarter Originals is responsible for incubating the game. Furthermore, the game provides profitability for players as a standalone NFT-based play-to-earn game. There are two tokens for different purposes on the platform; the $DARK token that will be used for transactions, and the $GAME token that will be a utility token used to drive the Dark Frontier ecosystem.

As a BEP-20 token, the $DARK token is designed to be used on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) blockchain. Here is a breakdown of the tokenomics:

  • Token Name: DARK
  • Initial Price: $0.05
  • Total Supply: 250 Million tokens

Token Distribution

The most important things to note here are token unlocks for the sale participants. Those who took part in Seed/Public sale will get 20% of their tokens on the TGE (Token Generation Event), followed by a three-month cliff. After that, contributors will get five percent of their allocation on a monthly basis, with a complete payout on month 16. Team, advisors, and developers will have a 7- and 13-month cliffs.

Why is 20% TGE unlock better than 100%? There are tons of projects on the market that are listing their token without any locks at all. Maybe 2 months for private sale participants, while public sale contributors are getting 100% at TGE. In most cases such projects are not sustainable at the market and the price is not performing well, because of people instantly dumping their allocation as soon as the price reaches a small increase. This leads to an unhealthy price behavior from which a lot of projects never recover.

Only the fastest fingers are getting profit, while leaving the majority of investors with empty hands. Several cliffs and more time-oriented distribution is usually much better for a long term success of a project. If you want to dive deeper into the tokenomics of Dark Frontiers, I will leave the link below.

IDO Overview

An IDO or Initial Digital Exchange Offering is a creative and innovative way to raise funds for crypto-based projects through decentralized platforms. When an IDO is launched by a project, it invariably means that a token or coin is getting launched through liquidity exchanges that are decentralized.

Dark Frontiers will launch on four different IDO launch platforms including: DAO Maker, Gamestarter, RedKite and GameFi. Here is a breakdown of each platform with allocations, tiers and requirements:

  1. DAO Maker

DAO Maker is a platform that provides crypto-based startups with funding and growth frameworks. Furthermore, the platform also promotes security by reducing the risks associated with venture capital investments.

The allocation per winning ticket is 250 BUSD, and that is equivalent to 480 allocations. SEED total raise.


To participate, you need to create a DAO Maker account, log in and connect your wallet. There is an identity verification process. When you have finished KYC, you can move further with different tiers. Each DAO token gives you 1 DAO Power, but if you want to provide LP, each DAO LP (DAO token + USDC) gives you 1,5 DAO power. There are five tiers/tranches in total:

  • 0–1999 DAO Power (early adopters)
  • 2000–3999 DAO Power (7410$)
  • 4000–9999 DAO Power (14280$)
  • 10000–24999 DAO Power (35700$)
  • 25000–49000 DAO Power (89250$)
  • 50000+ DAO Power (178500$)

All prices are given in $DAO Token (not LP). The price of 1 DAO is 3.57$ as of 02.10.

2. Gamestarter

Gamestarter is a platform for crowdfunding NFT-based indie games on its marketplace.


To participate, you need to enter your email to register. A confirmation email will be sent. Confirm by clicking on the button or link. Stake $GAME in order to get your ticket for free. Staking $GAME token is currently in development and will go live soon. Here are the tiers/levels:


  • 750 $GAME (1612$)
  • 1250 $GAME (2687$)
  • 2500 $GAME (5375$)


  • 5000 $GAME (10750$)
  • 7500 $GAME (16125$)
  • 10000 $GAME (21500$)
  • 15000 $GAME (32250$)
  • 30000 $GAME (64500$)
  • 60000 $GAME (129000$)


  • 100000 $GAME (215000$)
  • 150000 $GAME (322500$)

The more tokens you stake, the bigger allocation you will get. Stakers from the lottery and guaranteed tiers will need to stake for 5 days, legendary tiers will be locked for 3 and 6 months. If you want to get more information on tiers, lottery chances and allocation multipliers, you can visit this page. Allocation amount will be individual for each project.

3. RedKite

Redkite is a launchpad from PolkaFoundry. The platform provides users with the opportunity to invest in handpicked DeFi and NFT-based projects. You can gain access to tokens at lower prices if you participate early.


When you register, you need to go through the process of KYC verification, and then you need to get the minimum tier of the pool. You also need to “Apply Whitelist” to be a part of the project’s whitelist.


  • Dove 500 RKPs, lottery (530$)
  • Hawk 5000 RKPs, lottery (5300$)
  • Eagle 40000 RKPs, guaranteed (42400$)
  • Phoenix 80000 RKPs (84800$)

RKPs are Red Kite Points. You can get RKP by staking, where 1 PFK token is equal to 1 RKP or you can provide liquidity where 1 PFK — ETH LP is worth 400 RKPs.

4. GameFi

The GameFi platform functions as a launchpad and yield pad, and it is for investors, gamers and traders. The platform makes it easy to onboard new game investors, and it also gives them better liquidity for the selected assets. Gamers are at liberty to enjoy free access to different play-to-earn games.


You need to switch to the BSC network in order to join the whitelist, as well as approve or buy tokens. Your wallet needs to be connected too. Absence of KYC verification, and there is no minimum rank to achieve. Here are the tiers:

  • Rookie 20 $GAFI (1085$)
  • Elite 100 $GAFI (5427$)
  • PRO 500 $GAFI (27135$)
  • Legend Top 12 Stakers, 2015 $GAFI at the moment (117000$)

Token sale dates

Now, when we are finished with tier breakdown, here are the dates for the whitelisting phases:

  • DAO Maker: now — 04.10
  • RedKite: now — 05.10
  • Gamestarter: 04.10–06.10
  • GameFi: now — 05.10

Listing: October 6.

Earning an allocation

While for the majority of people, spending 100k$ for an allocation is far too much, you can select launchpads that are offering a lottery and test your luck there. For people that prefer hard work and helping other people, there is a way to earn yourself an allocation. There are daily giveaways of 500$ allocations on Gamestarter Discord channel.

Be active, help other community members, promote Gamestarter and all upcoming projects to get noticed and receive an allocation. This is NOT a free allocation, but a chance for those who want to become a member of the Gamestarter family and do quality work. I will leave a link below, so you can join the Discord channel.

NFTs and Gaming

The combination of NFT and gaming has proven to be a huge move in the mass adoption of blockchain and blockchain-based gaming. It is impossible to notice that in recent times, there has been an increased interest in these gaming platforms, and that is because the games are both interesting and profitable. The Binance Smart Chain is one of the very popular blockchains used to facilitate transactions on the game.

NFTs have enjoyed a good run within the crypto community, and there is a lot of excitement as the sales volumes continue to increase exponentially. For instance, Reuters reports that NFTs experienced a sales surge between the 1st quarters of 2020 to the 1st quarter of 2021, from $13.6 million in Q1 of 2020 to about $2.6 billion in Q2 of 2021. Forbes also reports that in July, 2021, NFTs saw a sales volume of about $1.3 billion.

There has also been an increased interest in decentralized applications, with more than 1.5 million daily users being recorded in July, an increase of more than 24% from the previous month.

Get more familiar with listed launchpads and select the one that looks better for you. The token sale of Dark Frontiers is in full swing with only several days left.

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